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On this show, I have healer, transformational coach and, also one of my coaches Anat Peri.
We dig deep into some of her transformational work and also work that both Rocio and I have participated in, as well as other OCF Squad Members. Anat is a very special healer for me. One of the things that I love the most about her is that it’s not all about mushrooms and figuring your things out like that. She puts you to the fire and works toward making lasting changes.
She goes deep into that on this podcast. She leads people into these changes. Where a lot of people just keep going to seminar after seminar and reading the next book, never really understanding what you cant make these changes. She illustrates her work and her beautiful story.
I have gotten both enjoyment and allot of benefit out of working with Anat since 2016.
I love you all, enjoy the show.

About Anat

Anat Peri is a transformational coach who specializes in guiding clients to achieve their greatest potential. With over 10+ years in developmental work, Anat has helped hundreds of people create the life they desire. Her deep work allows you to discover what you truly want, create a clear path to success, take control of your emotions, and take inspired action.

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