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Hello everyone, and thanks for listening to the Alpha Hippie Podcast. On this show, I have my dear friend, funny gentleman, Bradley Schneller. The truth is, I really don’t know what we talked about in this episode. We talk about many things: gym ownership, fatherhood, creation, and arts, all things Mardi Gras, funny things about his underwear. I mean, me and him go down so many rabbit holes, and had an amazing time doing this, it’s a lot of laughs.
Bradley is one of the people that I know in my life, no matter what is going on, if I’m having a terrible day, if I could have a conversation with him it’s going to wind up in some sort of laughter and ridiculousness. He’s got amazing stories.

About Brian

Bradley was a musician in his past life, but he always had a passion for sports and athletics. An LSU grad with a love for high-endurance sports, Bradley found CrossFit as a perfect fit to his lifestyle. He discovered during his personal fitness journey that his passion for sports and athletics carried over to coaching and training people in becoming stronger, healthier and happier versions of themselves. So CrossFit Roux was born.
Bradley shares his members’ joy in their first “a-ha” moment – he loves celebrating that significant moment when a member reaches their first goal. To him, each goal met is monumental and looks forward to being a part of many more of these moments. Bradley’s passions extend past his family, fitness, and business, he is also the self-proclaimed street King of Mardi Gras, an all things New Orleans connoisseur, a fantasy football expert, and avid sports, wine, and food enthusiasts.
instagram: @bradleyschneller   
Twitter: @bradschneller


Angelo: Bradley Schneller, you have made it to the Alpha Hippie Podcast, how does it feel?
Bradley: Well, I don’t feel like a beta, that’s for sure.
Angelo: That’s good. That’s very good.  What did you think of when I asked you to be on the show?
Bradley: Two things: I’m borderline hippie, but a bougie hippie, if that makes sense.
Angelo: I was going to say flamboyant.
Bradley: Okay, I’ll go with flamboyant hippie.
Angelo: But in a complete heterosexual way.
Bradley: You can take it any way you want, I don’t care. I also feel pretty alpha.
Angelo: No doubt. I think you are a really good mix.
Bradley: When it comes to being on the show it was only a matter of time, I felt like. When you told me you were going to do a alpha hippie podcast, I’m like, “Angelo is eventually going to ask me.”
Angelo: I think I had to. I can’t believe it’s almost been a year, or 50 episodes, or something like that. It’s weird.  
Bradley: Goodness gracious.
Angelo: You are going to be like episode 50, or something like that- 49, 50. It’s a really big deal. So you are in New Orleans?
Bradley: I am.
Angelo: Did Mardi Gras just end?
Bradley: No, actually, we are into the final 8-day stretch or 7-day stretch. We are recording here on a Tuesday, and Mardi Gras which is the day, not the season, is next Tuesday, so seven days from now. Tonight is the last night without a parade for seven straight days.
Angelo: You are saving up for next week.
Bradley: I’m saving up for tomorrow, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday.
Angelo: Take me through these Mardi Gras shenanigans. Just so everyone is a little bit aware about Bradley- Bradley and I met because I was fortunate enough to work with Barbell Business and create their business coaching program. One of the coaches just happened to be Bradley that was selected to work with us. The first month that we were about to do training or something like that, Bradley is like, “hey, this is serious, no joke- I need to take off for Mardi Gras.”
For me personally, it sounds like, “Ang, I just need to take off, to go get drunk and be a fucking animal.” He said it really serious, and I was so taken back by it. My brain couldn’t wrap my head around the cultural responsibility that you felt. I was like, wait a second, so this guy just told me straight face he is going to go wear glitter, and fucking beads, and fucking roar roar, down the streets and get drunk. “I’m taking off for a few days.”
Bradley: This is in the first two weeks of us…
Angelo: Yes, like the very beginning. Tell me a little bit about Mardi Gras because you are what I would say is a Mardi Gras aficionado.
Bradley: First of all, the speech I gave you about needing off, I’ve told every single boss that for my entire life. I remember my first management job in a hotel; I was working at the Westin Hotel, and I told my boss, I’m like, “look, I know this is my first year, but I need off. Basically, Thursday through Tuesday.” We kind of run like a skeleton crew with the hotel, because it is New Orleans, and I was in sales, I was a sales manager, so I wasn’t necessary to be there, but they always kept someone in the office, and I was the new guy. He said, “No, you’ve got to work”, and I’m like, “look, I can quit, or you can just give me off. Here’s the deal: I’m going to quit, or you are going to give me off.”
Angelo: That is just so fucking crazy. How did this even start with you? Is this like a family thing, or just a New Orleans thing?
Bradley: A lot of different places do Mardi Gras. Mobile will even say they had the first Mardi Gras in America, there’s some bullshit to that. I grew up with this. Since I was a kid, a little baby, we rode on a float on Mardi Gras day. My family had that since I was a baby in 83, all the way to, I think, 90, 91, and then we stopped riding on the float, and then we did some other stuff. The past decade, my family has actually rented a band and they follow us around the French Quarter as we parade around the French Quarter in costume. This year our theme is The Greatest Showman, like the movie, and I’m dressing up as Zack Efron.
Angelo: That’s who I would pick for you. By the way, I do love that movie.
Bradley: It’s one of the best movies I’ve seen. I think it’s bullshit that it didn’t win an Oscar or any awards. I’d like to see it turned into a Broadway musical instead of that bullshit, like Shrek got turned into a freaking musical like The Greatest Showman should be. Side not: Enchanted with Amy Adams should also be a Broadway musical. Anyway, back to Mardi Gras.
Angelo: Right, I’m glad we got that out of the way.  People were probably like, ‘god, where does this guy stand on musicals?’
Bradley: Mardi Gras: being in New Orleans some people, some locals leave, they go to Disney World or whatever, they try to get out of the city because a bunch of tourists come in, but that’s bullshit man. The two or three weeks of parading leading up to Mardi Gras is everything that our culture in New Orleans is about. What I mean by that: it’s not about race, sexual orientation or whatever, every single person under the sun that lives in Mardi Gras, no matter who you are, what you are about, it’s standing next to each other in revelry, enjoying themselves, eating, drinking, screaming at floats for dumb 25 cents shit being thrown off of it.
But man, it’s just a party. Last weekend, which is the second weekend leading up to Mardi Gras, I was out with my family, my friends, my kids, on the parade route for like six hours on Saturday, and then six hours on Sunday, eating drinking, pissing at a portalet.
Angelo: How old are your kids again?
Bradley: I have an 18-month old little girl, Vivian Grey, and a 5-year old boy Brennan Luke.
Angelo: Okay. Do you worry about Brennan looking at the amount of drunk people, being exposed to that, or do you just think he doesn’t even…?
Bradley: It wouldn’t be any different than what he sees at home on the weekend.
Angelo: Alright then, fuck it.
Bradley: No, I’m not worried about it. This is how I grew up, and I’m perfectly capable. I consider it like this: think about how in Europe they give their kids wine at dinner, so when they turn 16, 17, 18, it’s not a big thing. We are exposing our kids to this culture early on, and it’s just not a big thing, it’s what we do.
Angelo: That’s awesome. So, take me through the whole experience. Take me through everything that happens for you in this month.
Bradley: Yeah. Mardi Gras always starts on January 6, that’s King’s Day. It has to do with the Roman Catholic holiday Feast of Kings, not that I’m necessarily religious anymore. But that’s the official start of carnival season, and it leads all the way up to Fat Tuesday, or 41 days before Lent, the day before Ash Wednesday. We do a lot of parading. It’s about listening to music, eating what I want- like I’ve been telling everybody, ‘this is what I ate this weekend, I’ll worry about it next Wednesday.’
Angelo: Do you give up things for Lent because of your…?
Bradley: I used to. I don’t anymore. I don’t go to church anymore, but I used to.
Angelo: Okay.
You actually played in a band, right?  You were in the matching band?
Bradley: I was in LSUs matching band, yeah, I played bass strap.
Angelo: Now, do you partake in playing in any of these parades that you go to?
Bradley: No. I have some friends that I was in the band with that started their own matching corp- it’s called the Fat City Drum Corps. It’s a bunch of old dudes matching in a parade. I have some friends, like my buddy’s wife, she is in a dance group called The Pussyfooters, and it’s a bunch of 30+ year old women, mom, with their breasts hanging out, and scantily clad outfits dancing down the street, and their kids being like, “hi mommy.” It’s awesome.
Angelo: Oh god, what a culture. It’s so amazing. Do you think you can live anywhere besides New Orleans?
Bradley: If you ask me that question let’s say June through September, I would say, yeah, I could live in a number of different places; the west coast, somewhere out of the country, Barcelona, or as the locals say, Barthelona. But in the months between October and May, I would say no, I love living here. Dude, no one gives a fuck, you know what I mean? No one gives a fuck what anyone else does, and that’s what’s beautiful about this.
Angelo: You are a gym owner, just so everyone is aware. You own Roux Fitness in New Orleans. Do a lot of people in your gym partake in this as well during this month?
Bradley: Oh yeah. We all do. We go to skeleton hours starting on Thursday, actually this coming Thursday. We’ll have reduced classes Thursday, reduced classes Friday, limited classes Saturday, only one Sunday morning, two classes on Monday, and then completely closed on Tuesday. I actually tell people this: if you ask me if we are open on Tuesday, just go to the bottom of our homepage, there is a link for membership cancellation form, fill that out.
Angelo: Jesus! I love how you do this. Now, let me ask you a question, as you’ve gotten older, how does your body feel after doing this amount of partying?
Bradley: I feel pretty good. Last Saturday I hit it a little hard. We went out there, I was trying to take it easy, so I felt like it was going to be a beer day, but I also bought some White Claws so I wasn’t really sure how that was going to go down. For those of you who don’t know, White Claw is what us fitness freaks drink for alcohol, it’s a spiked spritzer. I think it’s got less than 4 carbs in it, really limited number of calories. The ingredients are pretty decent other than grain and alcohol.
Anyway, I get down to the parade route at 11:00am, and then I decide I’m going to drink a Bloody Mary. Then one of my coaches who is also a PT, shout out to Dr. Jonathan Buck, he goes and gets me another Bloody Mary. So now I’ve had two Bloody Marys, and then I get into the beer a little bit. Then I decide it’s kind of hot, maybe I’ll drink some White Claws. Six White Claws later I’m at home eating 20 pounds of crawfish, and I’m dying, dying dude. I was wasted.
So Sunday, we go back to the parade route, I’m like, I don’t know if I can drink the White Claws again, yesterday was a little rough. I’m feeling pretty good, so I went with another Bloody Mary to start the day, and then another one and I just drank beer all day. Then I felt pretty bloated from the sodium intake of the crawfish. Just like you know, I drink sparkling water when I’m not drinking alcohol. So I had all this carbonation in my belly, didn’t feel like I could work out.
Yesterday was rough- we did all these power cleans and running yesterday, and then there is crazy workout with the assault bike or the raw gecko bike, and some 100 pound kettlebell swings, and it was rough. But, I double dosed my maximum strain CBD shadow to Charlotte’s Web, thanks Driven for making it easy for me to get it, and I feel great today.
Angelo: Jesus! How old are you now? You are 35, right?
Bradley: 35.
Angelo: That’s fantastic. Good for you. What does your outfit look like for this week? You said The Greatest Showman, what is it?
Bradley: I found this 1600s colonial jacket, where it’s red and it’s got this gold military stuff on the sleeve.
I don’t even know how to describe it. It’s got like 100 buttons- I got to button up the front. Then I got a white top hat and white pair of pants just because one of my personal training clients, she owns a styling company, and she is really big on me doing modeling gigs and stuff like that. For those of you who don’t know, I do a little modeling on the side. So she wanted me to really stand out. I got these white pants, white top hat. Just earlier today, I went to the store, got a bunch of gold appliqués  that I’m going to put all over the hat, and then some gold lining that I’m putting down my white tuxedo pants. That’s what I’ll be wearing. I’m painting my face a red mask- it’s going to look cool.
Angelo: That’s awesome, fantastic. What’s your role now with the gym?
Bradley: I’m the CEO, but my wife also thinks she is the CEO, so there is that. I probably coach 5 or 6 classes a week. I think it’s real important for my face to just be in the gym, and not because I have some narcissistic complex, it’s good from all of my experiences I’ve seen working with other gym owners and hearing from the community, for the owner to be seen in the gym, working with the clients and everything. I try to hit a morning class, a midday class, and an afternoon-evening class once a week. Then I teach the Saturday class as well. I got a couple of personal training clients, and then I do a little business consulting.
Angelo: That’s awesome. How has it been working with your wife?
Bradley: It’s tough.
Angelo: I do know.
Bradley: Do you know when everybody used to do CrossFit? You are in a CrossFit gym, you still do a little CrossFit, but back in the day when everyone started CrossFit and they had that joke, the first thing you have to do when you start CrossFit is talk about CrossFit, or whatever, that’s the first rule of CrossFit?
Angelo: Yep.
Bradley: Then you go through the cycle and you don’t really talk about it anymore, but now when I work with my wife, when we get home we talk about the gym. On the weekends we talk about the gym, or this happened, or what we are doing for business. So it never really turns off. There was an adjustment period for that. Honestly, we do a really good job of her staying in her lane and me staying in my lane. I told her recently that I felt like she is my boss and it upset me. In retrospect, I probably need that; otherwise I would just run amok. I need someone to lay it down for me every now and then.
Angelo: Yep. I have to say that, it’s really a crazy thing at least for me and Ro too, at moments, it’s one of the most gratifying things to be working with your wife, and at the same breathe you want to kill her. It’s just honest. It could happen even in the same day. I think one that thing you touched on that I’m pretty adamant about is, if you want to talk about the gym at home you have to ask for permission first.
Bradley: I like that, that’s a good point.
Angelo: That’s the only thing me and Ro do. When I’m lying down with my wife, I want to just be lying down with my wife. I don’t want to be skimming and skimming, and thinking about an email or something like that. So we instituted that, and we do our best to try to keep that. That’s probably been one of my favorite things because I’m very good at coming home and leaving work at home, but if Ro and I didn’t have the best day at work, Ro is still the same person. That’s why I thought it would be best if we just tried to leave it outside of here.
It’s never going to be perfect, and my wife can’t go home and vent about the people that’s he works with, and I can’t go home and vent about the people that I work with- what normal couples do. I can’t go home and go, ‘god, that Bradley- what do I got to do to get this guy to answer an email?’
There are certain things that just don’t happen in there. For us, it’s a real balance. But at the same time too, when you guys succeed together it’s like Bonnie and Clyde partnership, it makes me really proud.
Bradley: 100%. But I’ll say this too though: if I didn’t have her as my partner I couldn’t have a partner, because I would want to split up, buy them out, whatever. But you can’t split up with your wife. She is in it for the long haul with me. She provides a lot of value that I couldn’t do. So if we have a disagreement or maybe we don’t see eye to eye on it, there is no resentment held, we have to figure it out. It’s not going to be something like six months later I might be stewing about that decision that was made before. We work it out, because we have to work it out.
Angelo: Yeah, you are in it to win it.
Bradley: Yeah.
Angelo: That is true. That’s awesome man. I remember when you were even thinking about how you can make that work. That’s awesome.
Bradley: It’s tough. There’s been some trying times. We recently had a little bit of a blow out about it. I can be an asshole, I think you know that. There is no other person on this planet that could probably deal with me in the way that she deals with me.
Angelo: I hear you on that. I think you and I are very similar. I don’t think it’s crazy. I think you and I could just be a little volatile at times.
Bradley: We are emotional. We are highly emotional people, and sometimes we live on that emotion, which is tough. I think what you and I both do is, eventually we will come back down to earth, and we will think about it rationally. You and I like we talked earlier about, we will apologize for being wrong. If I’m wrong and I caused a big stink about it, and made a big deal out of it even with one of my employees, it might be a day later or two days later, I’m going to go try to make it right with that person. I’ll fall on the sword- I don’t have a problem doing that. If I was wrong, I’m going to say I was wrong. It might take me a little bit to admit it but I will. But because we live on that emotion it can be rough.
Angelo: It is. I was having a conversation with someone earlier, and I said, you know, the truth of the matter is I’m not a business man; I’m just a fucking artist that knows how to make money. For me, I’m more about the quality of my work than I ever am about a transaction. I have to feel good about it. I don’t care if I don’t make any money, but if I feel really good, that’s all that matters to me, versus it being the other way around. I think you are very similar to that.
Bradley: Yeah. I want to create things. I measure the success, not by money, but how well what I created worked or drew people in. It’s different, and the good thing is that my wife cares about the money.
Angelo: Yep, so does my wife. Thank god. I would have spent it all by now.
Bradley: I don’t even know. I do the business consulting thing, and I don’t know how much I get paid, or when my pay check comes. My wife, she will be like, “hey, are you supposed to get paid this much, or what is the deal?” I’m like, “I don’t know.”
Angelo: That’s awesome. What’s something that you’ve created in the last, maybe 12-18 months that you were right on with, that you feel really good about?
Bradley: At Roux—we used to be CrossFit Roux, and we switched to Roux Fitness, like rebranded. We still kept our affiliation. I think that’s important because for five years people came to us because we were a CrossFit gym, and I don’t feel like I want to leave them in the dark just to head in another direction, and our affiliation fee is only $3,000 a year, so I’m like, I will pay that to gladly stay in that lane, you know?
Angelo: Yep.
Bradley: But what we did is, we created all these other programs with it. We had the scope class, which is 45 minutes- it’s HIIT, high intensity interval training with dumbbells, kettlebells- there is no barbells. What I saw happening is this intimidation factor. There was this big intimidation factor with CrossFit. I wanted to transform our gym to take away that intimidation factor while still holding true to our values and what we originally started with. Instead of just fighting that all the time, I just rebranded a little bit, created some additional programing, like an endurance program, functional body building, we started a boxing gym, and then went in that, went in that direction. It has been super successful. It’s taken a little bit of time but it’s really been successful. I feel like now we could stand alone without CrossFit at all, but that’s not what I want to do.
Angelo: What is different about that business model? General CrossFit stuff is unlimited, you just come to classes, there is a membership- how did you change and shift into that model, and what’s different about it?
Bradley: We really didn’t change the structure of our membership. We basically upped the price and added classed and programs. Because what I saw happening was- I found that our members were keeping their membership with us but going to other places, like going to hit up yoga, or might go do a spin class, or something like that, just to change it up because either it got stale, which—I’m not saying out program was stale, but if people come do CrossFit five or six days a week and they are in their 30s, and they do it all the time, and they don’t know how to take a break because they have to work out every day, and I understand that, I get it- but they have to leave your gym to go do that other stuff, to get a fix for something that’s different, or something that’s going to lay off of certain muscles or something like that, what I foresaw coming was that eventually that’s going to be a problem, where maybe they cut down their membership here and have another membership somewhere else, or multiple memberships.
I was like, what if we just add all those programs under one house and they don’t have to leave us to get a taste of something different, or a break from what they are doing regularly?
Angelo: Very nice. Did you bring in other coaches to coach these classes? How did you go about creating the experience for these other classes, because they are a slightly different experience, correct?
Bradley: Yeah. What I did, with the exception of our boxing program is, every time we started a new class I coached it for the first three months or so, because I had a vision for what it needed to be, and what it was supposed to be. Then once I saw maybe the trouble spots, or how the coach or the class needed to flow then I started teaching other coaches how to coach that class. For the boxing gym we had to outsource it.
Angelo: Sure.
Bradley: But actually, we are changing that to more in-house as we speak.
Angelo: That’s awesome. Do you feel like you are going to get in the bigger space, or your space is big enough to facilitate all these different offerings?  
Bradley: We have plenty enough space right now. We have about 12,000 square feet right now. I would say about 2,000 of that is office space. Right now, the improvements we see on the horizon are to the member locker room and the bathroom facilities and showers, and what can we upgrade in that space, not necessarily the gym space, because what we want to increase or make better is the experience. I already figure from a fitness level, our experience is top notch. So what are the other things that we can do better? Those are what I see in the future we need to change.
Angelo: That’s awesome, fantastic. You mentioned earlier too, you are still doing business coaching and all that. How is that for you at this point?
Bradley: I’m really enjoying it now. How long have I been doing it, a couple of years?
Angelo: Was that 2016?
Bradley: Two or three years?
Angelo: That must have been 2017- two years.
Bradley: 2017, so two years. I feel like it’s taken two years to really feel comfortable.
Angelo: In what way?
Bradley: I’ve almost seen every different type of gym owner under the sun in that span of two years. So now I’ve experienced each type of gym owner, and hundreds of different problems under the sun that a gym might have. As I’ve consulted these gyms while being a gym owner you could piece some things together, and see what some other gyms have done translate it to your gym and then back into the consulting space, and it’s just allowed me to grow a lot more.
Angelo: Very good. How do you spend the rest of your time between creating some programs, coaching some classes, how do you spend most of your days?
Bradley: Netflix.
Angelo: What are you even watching right now on Netflix, or what are you watching in general?
Bradley: I feel like I’m all tapped out on Netflix. I feel like I’ve watched every good show there is to watch on Netflix. The last thing I watched was Sex Education on Netflix, which was pretty awesome. But now, believe it or not, I managed to watch 6 seasons of Game of Thrones without my wife ever seeing an episode. So we are scrambling to go back and re-watch all 6 seasons before the final season in April.
Angelo: I have to say this, I have not watched more than 10 minutes of The Game of Thrones.
Bradley: My wife was a big Breaking Bad fan, she says it’s the best show she has ever watched, and then last night she said Game of Thrones is better.
Angelo: Call it my last name, call it my heritage- it’s Sopranos till the day I drop dead. I’m really sorry, for me.
Bradley: I love Sopranos. How do you feel about the ending?
Angelo: I feel like the ending, the reason I preferred it is because it wasn’t cliché.
Bradley: It’s just they are probably going to live the rest of their life in the fear of looking over their shoulder.
Angelo: Yeah, I loved that. It was just like, he could have died, maybe he didn’t die, you don’t really know. But I liked too that it wasn’t like, oh Tony wins, and then they are off sailing into the sunset.
Bradley: Do you feel that it maybe glorified mob culture?
Angelo: Whether or not this really upsets people, I think being gangster is pretty cool sometimes in the smallest kindest fashion. What I really loved about the Sopranos is, they took a man that you would label inherently bad and they found a way for you to cheer for him despite his countless terrible acts as a man, a murderer, a criminal, an adulterer, and yet you never didn’t cheer for this fucking guy. I think what it really shows you is that, you could create compassion and empathy if you just really understand just about anybody. I really just love that it showed that way, that side of him where you were still cheering for him despite his poor choices.
Bradley: It’s interesting you say that. The way you look at it or the way you just described it is probably—and I don’t want to get too mushy here, but how maybe as a society we should all view life on a daily basis, and what I mean by it is, everyone is quick to-it seems in 2018/2019, to jump to conclusions and just vilify someone for the rest of their life rather than maybe trying to understand why they made the decisions they did, or they said something they said.
Angelo: Absolutely. Maybe too, it also could do with some of my upbringing.
I know quite a few criminals and I think they are awesome. I think just that lifestyle is their life, and for most people that are like that, I really believe being that way just was a way for them to overshadow a lot of shyness and shame. So they used things like aggression and violence to overcome the fact that they had all those other feelings. Maybe my father, maybe whatever, I have a soft spot in my heart for people like that. When my wife and I first started dating that was, “hey, what show are we watching?” I’m like, “we are going to sit down and we are going to do this”, and we’ve done it twice.
Bradley: Sopranos all the way through twice?
Angelo: Twice- two times.
Bradley: It’s like me and The Office.
Angelo: I just have a little spot in there for that. I feel like once Game of Thrones slows down a little bit and people stop being so weird about it, I bet you I would enjoy it. Something about too, I fight the grain, like naturally, like if I’m walking around and people are talking about whatever…
Bradley: Did you watch Fyre Fest the documentary?
Angelo: I did. I watched that because I’m interested in that, but Abducted in Plain Sight, won’t ever watch it.
Bradley: I watched it. I thought it was crazy. It was crazy. I was like, god, what’s wrong with these parents? I also felt it was a little boring, but it was crazy. My wife and I watched it. My wife’s family is from Utah, and they are not polygamist, but she says all the time she doesn’t understand why polygamy isn’t legal, and if it was legal maybe it would solve some of these situations. I’m not sure, but I don’t know if that describes that show because she was a minor, he was pretty heft in the head. But then he was also doing both parents—I don’t know, it was crazy, never mind.
Angelo: As soon as the dad was jerking off—my wife was trying to explain to me.
Bradley: He was giving the dude a hand in the car, like, come on.
Angelo: I go, just stop now- these parents deserve it, sorry guys.
Bradley: I felt the same way. Come on.
Angelo: I usually fight against the grain and that stuff- just pretty interesting. What do you do to develop yourself as a man? You are a father, you have a lot of responsibility, how do you make time for yourself, and if you do, what do you do with that time?
Bradley: I work out as you know.
Angelo: Yes sir.
Bradley: I listen to a lot of podcasts. Admittedly so, I do not read as much as I would like to read, but in lieu of that I listen to a lot of things. I do listen to a lot of podcasts. Then this is me being older, or maybe once you hit 33 or 34 maybe this comes with it, but I do a lot of yard work now.
Angelo: Do you really?
Bradley: Yeah. I’m interested in keeping up our garden. It looks like dog shit right now because we are coming off of winter and things have been crazy with the business. I sit outside a lot and think about what kind of improvement I can make to my yard.
Angelo: That’s awesome. I can’t say that’s an age thing, because I don’t know if I could see myself- maybe, I don’t know.
Bradley: It’s a little bit different for you- you don’t have a yard.
Angelo: That is true. I grew up in a house where my mother gardened. I just never was really down for it. What kind of podcast do you listen to?
Bradley: I listen to Joe Rogan.
Angelo: Do you listen to it every day?
Bradley: No. I listen to it depending on who the guest is. Automatically, I do not listen to any of his comedian friends.
Angelo: Why?
Bradley: I don’t know. Because I don’t feel like it’s going to bring me something that is going to make me think about how I can become a better person or give me a different perspective on something.
Angelo: I love Joey Diaz.
Bradley: I’ve listened to Joey Diaz before.
Angelo: He is my dream podcast guest. Like seriously, Joey Diaz, if you ever hear this, I would come to California and record this show with you. It would be my absolute pleasure.
Bradley: Is it because he is a gangster?
Angelo: I can relate to someone that has really outrageous stories, that you almost don’t think are real life, but then when he explains them they are so animated behind it.
I would like to just share crazy life stories with Joey Diaz for a few hours. That’s on my bucket list of things to do. I know Joe. I would love to have Joe Rogan on this show. I really love Joe Rogan- I think he is absolutely amazing.
Bradley: You so look alike.
Angelo: Do I…?
Bradley: I said you look alike.
Angelo: Oh, maybe. Thank you. But in my heart, I know that I would be in awe of Joe Rogan, but I think me and Joey Diaz would just get along really well.
Bradley: I feel that.
Angelo: I think we would just have amazing stories, we would laugh. I think we come from a very similar culture. If anyone knows Joey and you want to give me an early Christmas and birthday gift send him my way.
Bradley: I listen to a lot of sports podcast, that’s mostly for entertainment purposes. Then I listen to the Dave Rubin Report too.
Angelo: Very nice. And you are very serious about your Louisiana sports.
Bradley: Yeah, that’s my outlet. A lot of people do some things to relieve stress. Some people go hunting. Me, I’m all in on LSU football, Saints football, Pelicans basketball, LSU baseball, and Fantasy sports- it’s better.
Angelo: That’s awesome. I haven’t been in New Orleans in a long time. I think 2014.
Bradley: Yeah. You hang out with Sean Payton.
Angelo: I did. That’s the thing about New Orleans- I want to go back there, but fuck, I’m just going to there and hang out with you? I mean, no offense, but what the fuck?
Bradley: You might find yourself drinking, gone on a six-hour bender, stoning at 11:00am on a Saturday.
Angelo: I’d be drinking those White Claws. I’m going to tell you guys the truth, guests listening to this: I had no idea what the fuck he was talking about till he explained it to me.
Bradley: You ever heard of a White Claw?
Angelo: I think I saw it before, but my brain couldn’t connect when you said it.
Bradley: What do you do to relax?
Angelo: Honestly, I smoke a little marijuana. I smoke a little cannabis.
Bradley: Alright. I hit that too, but I’m into mostly edibles recently.
Angelo: Wow.
Bradley: I like it for many reasons. I like it as a mid-week relaxation thing. Like I come home on a Wednesday night, it’s been tough, instead of drinking the calories of half a bottle of wine, I just pop a third of an edible, boom- show time. Then I’ll double dose it with some CBD just to get me into that realm of sleep and I’ll be good.
Angelo: Man, you got it all figured out.
Bradley: I try to. I’d like to think that I do.
Angelo: You definitely do. What advice do you have for me? My wife at this point is 12-weeks pregnant, what advice do you have for me about being a father? What’ something that you didn’t expect to happen that happened for you?
Bradley: Your perspective on what’s important changes rather quickly. I will give you the advice- and this is hard, this is hard advice to take: but be present as often as possible because time flies by. Someone told me that when Emily was pregnant with my son. I was like, oh yeah, okay. Then three years later you are like, oh fuck. It’s hard when you ran a business and you have all these other stuff. I’ll get to work from 8:30am, and sometimes I’m at the gym till 7:00pm. Then you get home, you see your kids for like an hour before you put them to sleep, and then you see them an hour when you wake up. It’s like, what I’m I doing? You have to do what you do because you are trying to build something to support them.
It’s difficult, but I would say it becomes a balancing act, and that’s what you have to do as a father. It’s really create this well-balanced life to where you can do everything you want: be a father, be present, but at the same time you need to be able to work on you, and be an adult still, and take care of yourself. You don’t want to be that parent that’s all about your kids, because you are going to be a psycho. Then you don’t want to be the parent who doesn’t give a shit about their kids. You’ve got to be right there in the middle.
Angelo: Did you have anything change with genders as a parent?
Bradley: What do you mean?
Angelo: Is there certain things about being a father to a boy that was different for you than you expected? You know what I’m saying?
Bradley: No, not really. At least I haven’t experienced that yet. I’m kind of the person that, I’m not a baby person, that’s not me. So I become really close to my kids when they start interacting. That’s just a thing. My wife developed that early on bond or that early connection because she was breastfeeding, and then changing diapers in the middle of the night, and stuff like that. I wasn’t doing that stuff, not because I’m an asshole, because she was already up breastfeeding. So there was that early on connection. Right about now even with my daughter I would say our connection is still developing at 18-months, where my son, he is the moon and the stars to me.
Angelo: Are you guys going to have any more?
Bradley: No, I got snipped.
Angelo: Oh, wow.
Bradley: Yeah, vasectomy. As soon as Viviane got past that seed stage I went and got a vasectomy, which is great, because now I can leave it in for as long as I want.
Angelo: I hope your wife hears…
Bradley: It keeps the sheets cleaning all that stuff.
Angelo: I hope your wife listens to this and just feels how romantic you are.
Bradley: I’m sure she will.
Angelo: That’s awesome. That’s so good Bradley, especially in the couple years I’ve known you it seems so much has evolved in your life.
Bradley: Yeah. I find that I’m still evolving, where I’m trying to become more patient, and calmer, and not so reactionary. It’s tough. I flew off the handle the other day with my mom, and I was like, what’s the point? Why are you arguing just to be right? Then you start to wonder, I’m I even right? What’s more important; for me to win this argument, or my relationship with my mom?
Angelo: Yeah, that’s true. Did you grow up in a house that was reactionary?
Bradley: Yeah, I would say so. I grew up in a home that was incredibly loving; my parents would do anything for me, would do anything for my sister, but I would say very reactionary.
Angelo: What about Emily- is her family like that?
Bradley: No, no. My family is like that family that if we have that feeling of fuck you we are going to tell you fuck you. We lay it out loud on the line, where one big fight- over with. Where Emily’s family might try to be a little bit more calm about it, the problem is, when you hold it in it can fester and it can be a bigger fight later. Not saying that that’s what happens, but I can see how that could happen.
Angelo: It’s so amazing too about cultures. Because I’m from a family where you just slag it out, 20 minutes later you are on the couch hanging out, everybody is fine. Then Rocio my wife, on the other hand, is you slag it out and she’s got scars, and you’ve got to watch what the fuck you say and you are begging for her forgiveness. That was probably one of the hardest things for me—it sounds funny, but learning how to fight right or well, where you don’t leave too many dents.
Bradley: I think that’s where most couples fail. They don’t know how to fight.
Angelo: Yeah, absolutely. How did you learn how to fight?
Bradley: I actually feel like my wife helped me learn how to fight. In the beginning of our relationship I fought as if every single fight was going to end us.
Angelo: I’m laughing because I understand. Oh, this is it, this is the one.
Bradley: You know what I mean?
Angelo: Oh fuck.
Bradley: Now it’s not like that. It’s changed overtime. I’m just a different person. I’m a different person. That’s my advice to everyone: learn how to fight but be patient, and then be kind. I can fly off the handle, say something that’s a really asshole thing to say, that feels like a thousand pin pricks, or a sledgehammer to the chest, but it’s- how do you recover from that? It’s also- I’m the same way with almost anyone else. I used to say I’ve never been hit in the face- I was recently punched in the face
Angelo: Wait, what happened?
Bradley: I was coming out of the NSC Championship Game when the NFL did a complete fucking job on the Saints with that non-pass interference call, helmet to helmet hit, complete utter bullshit that the Los Angeles Rams got away with, and they did not deserve to be in the Super Bowl with the New England Patriots. I’m sure everybody else in America will agree with me, and maybe even Los Angeles because they don’t even have real fans. But anyway, I’m coming out of the Super Dome just fucking devastated Angelo, devastated, like it’s completely quiet, we are leaving the Super Dome. I’m with my mom and dad; they went to the game with me.
There is this 6’5” Jamaican dude, I’m guessing because of his accent, I don’t know. He is cursing up a bunch of storm and starting shit with another Saints’ fan. No, no, he is yelling out stuff at Los Angeles fans, and I’m like, “bro, don’t be a sore loser.” I hate that. “You lost, go home. Eat a fucking ice cream and get over it. Get over it.” But this dude is trying to start shit with these Los Angeles fans, and I’m like, “hey man, why don’t you calm down.” He gets in my face, starts talking so much. I think he is chewing something, so spit and food particles are coming in my face and he looking down at me. I’m not tall, I tell me I’m 5’11”, and I’m probably like 5’9”.
So, this dude is all over my face, pointing a finger, and he is like, “what do you mean?” I’m like, “bro, you are cursing out loud at the top of your lungs and there is kids all around.” He is like, “well, kids shouldn’t even be here.” I’m like, “it doesn’t matter if they shouldn’t be here or not, they are here, why don’t you calm down? Have a little class.” He goes, “what kids?” I grabbed his shoulder and turned him to see a kid and he just held off and punched me right in the face. Didn’t move, came back, and my mom went nuts.
Now I’m thinking, I could start a brawl here, this is about to happen and my mom is going to get smoked. So I’m grabbing her, pulling her back, my dad runs out of nowhere, he was in the bathroom. My dad is just like, “let’s roll with these giant ass old man four arms.” So I grab him, pull him back. It was nuts. Ultimately, we didn’t start a fight. Point being is- I’ve never really gotten in a fight because I had the tendency to start shit to where it escalates all the way to I’m about to where get punched in the face and then calming back down, and then me and that person are best friends. I was never going to be best friends with this dude- he told me he was going to put bullet holes in me.
Point being- I have a good ability to deescalate a situation where I use that for either fights with family or fights with random people I don’t know. My dad did stop me once I’m getting punched in the face. I had one bourbon streak during Mardi Gras at the Gay Costume Awards. This guy was starting a bunch of shit, I said some shit too, I think I might have called him some red neck or something like that, and he threw a punch at me and my dad caught it in midair and pulled his hand down. That was pretty fun.
Angelo: I got to tell you, I think that’s fantasy dude- I would love to get in a fight with my whole family. I know that may not sound enlightening.
Bradley: Like fist to cuffs? You mean like, you and your family are thrown down against other people?
Angelo: Yeah. Like the Sisco family it’s on, and we are all going.
Bradley: Is the thong song playing in the background?
Angelo: No, like Anchor Man style. Like everyone is coming out of the wood work with something.
Bradley: Where did you get that [inaudible 00:54:59] from? You just killed it man.
Angelo: Like, dad, get in the fucking car you maniac. It can’t take you anywhere. It’s so Anchor.
Bradley: That would be fun. I agree that would be fun, but that’s fantasy. I don’t think you could start a fight in 2019 dude.
Angelo: No way.
Bradley: You get shot.
Angelo: It was different rules. Different set of rules and nobody even knows them.
Bradley: That’s the thing about being a father too man: you are not thinking about yourself anymore, you’ve got to think about your kid. Like if something happens to me, how does that affect my family? So it just changes your perspective on how you deal with every single situation. I used to be a big road rage person.
Angelo: Were you, really?
Bradley: Somebody cut me off I would drive up next to him and slam on my breaks in front of their car, because then they are slamming their breaks. I did that one time and smoked the dude in the back. Or I’d be beeping the horn and being like, ‘hey, hey, fuck you, fuck you.’
Angelo: Oh my god. I love it.
Bradley: I would do that one thing when we get in one lane in traffic, I will get around them and then I would just go like 5 miles per hour down the street, and they would be like [beeping], and I would be like, ‘bye.’
Angelo: Oh god, you make me laugh so hard.
Bradley: I can’t do that though now man. You can’t do that- someone might pull a gun on you.
Angelo: Oh my god. This is so fun. You make me laugh so hard. This is why I wanted you to be on this show, so I could hear your stories and just laugh.
Bradley: Probably that’s like number one rule, right, being a man: being an alpha, you can still be an asshole?
Angelo: I would say so, as best as you can. I rarely get mad at traffic. Because you know what it is- I usually know that I’m the problem.
Bradley: Are you an aggressive driver? I’m a supper aggressive driver.
Angelo: Not really. I’m a driver that wants everything to suit him. If I’m just chilling, I’m going 30 into 40 and I don’t care.
Bradley: You are an asshole.
Angelo: You see what I’m saying? I’m part of the problem. I’m just like, oh, this guy is honking at me, I have done something wrong.
Bradley: Why are you doing 30 into 40? Come on.
Angelo: I do shit like that.
Bradley: You should be doing a 47 and a 40.
Angelo: Sometimes I just follow—I just think, ah, fuck it, and I’m just thinking about something.
Bradley: Are you high as fuck and you are just…?
Angelo: No. that’s one thing I get really weird about. I don’t know if it’s a fear or whatever, but because I’m a business man I would very rarely do that when I’m not in the house. How ridiculous- ‘35-year old business owner arrested’, for what? You get what I’m saying?
Bradley: I take edibles and I go places man. Not driving. I went to this parade- it’s called Krewe du Vieux in the French Quarter. It’s a mockery of everything, it’s a big satire. It’s a really cool parade. I had a baby sitter Uber out there, took an edible, and I was drinking too a little bit. I shouldn’t have been drinking, but I was like, I can’t feel my legs.
Angelo: Jesus Bradley.
Bradley: I like it though. Then I drank some more and smoked a joint a little bit later.
Angelo: Let me ask you this, because someone asked me about this the other day. Does your son know that you do that?
Bradley: No, no.
Angelo: You keep that way from him, right?
Bradley: Yeah.
Angelo: Good.
Bradley: I will drink wine in front of my son, or drink a beer. No, no, I don’t do that stuff in front of him.
Angelo: At 35 I think you have a big different understanding of what that is and what it could be for versus when you are 14.
Bradley: I think I tried marijuana once when I was in high school, my senior year. Didn’t really touch it again- maybe smoked it a couple of times in college. I didn’t really get into partaking in marijuana or marijuana substances last year.
Angelo: I’m very similar. I remember the one time we did it in high school, then later 30s.
Bradley: It’s not rare, but maybe once every two weeks, twice every three weeks, something like that.
Angelo: It’s by far not a daily thing. For me it’s when I need to just slow down the breaks a little bit and not take life so serious. Because I think that’s my thing…
Bradley: You are a serious guy.
Angelo: You think so?
Bradley: Yes you are, fuck man. You are super serious. But you know what it is though- is that you want to be awesome at everything. You care about being—I’m going to say this: this is an Angelo saying, for those of you guys who don’t know, about being the best. Everything Angelo wants to do he wants to be the best at, so eventually he is going to want to be the best at being a podcaster.
Angelo: I would give it a shot. I think that’s 100% accurate.
Bradley: And me, I want to create awesome things, but I don’t give a fuck, I just want to live and enjoy life. That’s kind of where I am. I like to enjoy the ride. I’m not too worried about where I stuck in the outcome.
Angelo: Yeah. It’s a good point.
Bradley: But everybody is different. If there was a bunch of ‘me’ in this world there wouldn’t be amazing things happening.
Angelo: Lots of fun.
Bradley: There would be lots of fun, but there would be amazing things happening.
Angelo: Very, very good. For you too, what do you see yourself doing in five years? Do you see it being like this for you, or do you see things evolving? Where do you see your life?
Bradley: Man, my goal is to live in New Orleans October through May, and then travel through the summer time, like abroad. Or pick, every summer live somewhere different and just immerse myself in that culture for three months. That’s my goal. In order to do that, I need my business to be fully functioning without me. Then I also have a dream of creating an all-in-one preventative healthcare center that functions with maybe PT, massage work, a homeopath, or a holistic doctor, it’s called the natural path, a natural path in-house along with fitness and nutrition, and you pay a subscription or membership price and you have access to everything. Maybe have a monthly appointment with a natural path, or quarterly appointment and go through life like that. That’s my big airy goal within five years.
Angelo: I got to tell you- I think you would be a great podcaster.
Bradley: Yeah. I started doing some Facebook lives with one of my co-workers on the gym. I did my last one with my shirt off.
Angelo: That’s awesome.
Bradley: I had sunglasses on and my shirt off, and I had a Roger Goodell Boozoo sticker on my chest the entire time. You know what I enjoy doing? I enjoy talking, talking and exploring different subjects. But the problem with me is my show would have to be like Joe Rogan’s, it would have to be about nothing, or be like the Seinfeld of podcasting because my personality; I can’t be laser focused on one topic. I want to talk about everything from fitness this week to what kind of underwear you wear the next week.
Angelo: Yeah, you could do that. I can only say, I guess it goes into this more of a self-development kind of thing, but a lot of the shows I just want to talk with people. These are the people that I just want to hang out with.
Bradley: I feel that. I recently bought some underwear, they were on sale. What kind of underwear are you wearing?
Angelo: Compression boxer briefs. Do you mean like the brand?
Bradley: Yeah, what kind of brand? You got a particular brand?
Angelo: I get the brand from Target buddy. I’m just a regular dude.
Bradley: I own 8 pairs of ExOfficio.
Angelo: Okay.
Bradley: They are $35 a pair, but they are awesome. Sometimes you don’t even know they are there. The only problem is—and this would be with any underwear, I imagine, if you wear super skinny jeans like I do, I pretty much wear jeggings, you can see the mushroom head of my dick sometimes in my jeans. The underwear can tend to budge up some in those pants, that’s a huge problem.
But I can’t go free baller.
Angelo: You want to know something funny? I have about four or five pairs of underwear that are only right up to my thigh for those types of pants.
Bradley: Oh, okay.
Angelo: I have ones that go just- imagine right where the thigh starts.
Bradley: So it’s almost like a brief but it’s not, it’s like a 3’ boxer brief?
Angelo: Yeah, and that’s what I wear for tight pants or any of that stuff, because I got to tell you something- to me, if you are walking around sporting lines on your thighs you look fucking ridiculous.
Bradley: I agree. I agree, oh man.
Angelo: Stop it. You could wear the 3’. I’m a big advent of using gold band or baby powder, you could still wear, but when you free ball and you put some baby powder it looks like somebody threw…
Bradley: You put baby powder on your balls?
Angelo: Yeah buddy, I respect my balls, they are not going to be walking around with some sea weed ass balls. You live in New Orleans, that humidity under your nuts- I wouldn’t even want to know what that’s like in July.
Bradley: Yeah. Let’s say you get into a situation when you are out and about and the timing is perfect and there is a situation where you and your lady friend can get a little frisky with each other, I don’t want my gold band up in my wife’s face.
Angelo: As soon as you are done I want you to text your wife- “hey, listen Hun, would you rather smell Johnson and Johnson or sea weed?
Bradley: I use tee tree oil or a peppermint oil, like wash, so it’s always good.
Angelo: I put a little baby powder. It’s just how I live my life.
Bradley: You have a taint area or?
Angelo: Yeah you just, puff-puff, give it a little shake, let it have a little love down there, you feel good. Maybe I’m doing something wrong.
Bradley: I’m going to try that, maybe I’ll try it. I’ll try it and report it to you.
Angelo: I’ve been doing it a decade at this point.
Bradley: I don’t know how we got sidetracked. But I ended up getting some of this underwear for sale, and I’m at a parade route last Saturday and I have my sale underwear on. They are ExOfficios, but they are sale underwear, I got it for 18 bucks instead of 35.
Angelo: What makes them sale underwear- do they not have the label the right side up?
Bradley: Well, I’m about to tell you, okay?
Angelo: Okay.
Bradley: So, I’m in a portalet, do you know what a portalet is?  
Angelo: No.
Bradley: It’s a portable bathroom, like you would see at a construction site or something like that.
Angelo: Like a porta potty?
Bradley: A porta potty, there you go.
Angelo: Oh, okay. That’s what we call them up here.
Bradley: A porta potty. So I’m in a porta potty, and I’m at the parade route. I’m half in the tank wasted. I’m trying to watch the LSU Tennessee basketball game on my phone and I’m trying to pull out my penis and take a piss in this porta potty while watching this LSU basketball game on my phone, drunk at a parade. So I unzip, go to stick my hand in there and wouldn’t you know- there is no pee hole. So now I’ve got to maneuver my pants up on top of my Johnson in order to take a piss. Right then I realize- oh, this is why my underwear only cost $18.
Angelo: Can I make a confession?
Bradley: Yeah.
Angelo: I never go through the pee hole.
Bradley: Why, it’s why you have a pee hole?
Angelo: I don’t like it. I don’t like the way it feels, I don’t like how it chocks it. So I always pull my underwear enough down that I could just let it go.
Bradley: So you unbutton and unzip every single time?
Angelo: Every single time. If I have a pair of pant son I unbutton, I unzip, I pop it out, I do my business and I come back. Because the other way, if there is too many things that could interfere, like what you are doing, you could move your leg and your thing could get trapped in all that stuff. For me I just pop it out and I let it go, I don’t care where I am; at a fucking urinal or regular bathroom- I just let it go. I just sit back. It’s almost like you are peeing with no pants on, and then you just zip it.
Bradley: Do you think that cuts down on the amount of drippage?
Angelo: It does, because there is nothing deterring the travel of your urine, I guess you could say. You are just boom boom, a couple of shakes, you pop it back and you are out. Basically, this podcast is all about Bradley having fresh balls and better peeing standards. That’s it, and White Claws.
Bradley: And White Claws.
Angelo: That’s what I do. The other way is too difficult for me. Call it what you want, but my hands trying to dig in there it just make sit uncomfortable. I never feel like I’m relaxing.
Bradley: Alright, I feel you. Earlier you told me—not that I’m interviewing you, but earlier you told me you are doing Jujitsu now, are you still doing CrossFit?
Angelo: I do.
Bradley: What does your workout schedule look like?
Angelo: Okay. So, Monday morning I do CrossFit class, Tuesday in the morning I work with a gentleman by the name of Dan Houlihan, and we do something called Move Nut and FRCs, so it’s crawling-based, all that. Then on Tuesday afternoon I do Jujitsu. On Wednesday mornings I do CrossFit. Wednesday afternoons I play basketball. Thursdays I do Jujitsu. Fridays I’m off. Saturday is CrossFit. Sunday is Yoga.
Bradley: That’s pretty good.
Angelo: So Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays is CrossFit, and then the other days are the other stuff.
Bradley: I pretty much work out every day. I do CrossFit every day. I’d like to get back to into playing soccer- I used to play in the real soccer for a while, like 8 years in a row, and I’m trying to work that back into my life. We’ll see.
Angelo: We were talking about it earlier, about being more patient when you are getting into fatherhood and more maturity, for me I have found that for me to get past some sorts of anger and frustration I need to do something physical. Believe it or not, CrossFit doesn’t give me that type of release that playing a sport does.
Bradley: I loved playing a sport, and I agree- it’s not the same. It’s not the same.
Angelo: I don’t get as present. When you are rolling around in Jujitsu, there better be nothing else in your fucking head.
Bradley: Or you can get smoked.
Angelo: Smoked. I can honestly say this; I could roll and wall ball and be thinking about emails. For some reason that gets me really present, and also too, having some sort of that type of a healthy competition- it almost like runs a little bit of that energy out of me, and I feel good. That’s why I usually do it in the middle of the day, because when you wake up early and then by the time noon comes around you’ve already most likely have been through a couple of turbulences and things like that. So the physical stuff just helps me chill out, feel good.
Bradley: How much is too much competition though? What I mean by that is- I think in the CrossFit world there is a big emphasis for a decade on competition. I would say the pendulum has certainly swung the other way. Sometimes I wonder if we’ve gone a little bit too far with taking the competition out of that a little bit. Even I’ve done it- I’ve reduced the amount of days that we have the white board, like we do a lot of no- measure things. And sometimes I wonder if maybe we should do that a little bit more often. I don’t know. Do I worry too much about how people would react, or what they are doing, or they are cheating themselves and stuff like that? I don’t know. Maybe I just worry too much.
Angelo: No, that’s a great question.
Bradley: You know what I mean though?
Angelo: I’m going to say something that might not make people feel really good, but it is honest- too many people without sport or competitive backgrounds have picked up CrossFit later in life with not the understanding of what it really is like to compete and win and/or lose in a good way.
Bradley: Right.
Angelo: That is my only beef with CrossFit. Some people may argue that that’s how I became a “athlete” because I never played too many sports, and I get that, but I think I have a really good mental resilience and I understand what that looks like. I think too many people cannot access that because they just really don’t know how. Some people could take some beauty that is competition and let it be something that really clearly defines them as a person and/or could make someone else treat someone else poorly or differently because of it. I go back and forth with it as well. I think it really matters if you know how to really compete.
Bradley: Think about this: you play basketball- you said it was Tuesday or Wednesday nights?
Angelo: Wednesdays at noon.
Bradley: Wednesdays at noon. Do you try to win when you play?
Angelo: Yes.
Bradley: Okay. When you do Jujitsu you try to win, right?
Angelo: Yes.
Bradley: That’s two out of seven days. What would it be like if you played every single day? Like you tried to win every single day? Because that’s what CrossFit was for a lot of people- they had to win every single day.
Angelo: Sure.
Bradley: It’s a little bit different. I feel like there is this build up- ‘tonight’s the night, I’m going to let it all out, afterwards we are going to have some beers and then we’ll forget about it’.
Whereas it’s always, what did they do on the whiteboard? Then- I got to get back tomorrow, then there is the next day, and it’s just this constant thing.
Angelo: I think CrossFit sometimes for people that do not allow competition to be with themselves it could almost be too much where it becomes an obsession. If you look at major sports figures like Michael Jordan- he is Michael Jordan, he is the greatest basketball player that has ever lived, and probably will ever live. People could go back and forth about it, but also too, you could read some of the books about him and things like that.
He also was never able to turn off competing. So, everything in his life, like if he was playing cards, if he was playing golf, everything was this life or death competition. Is he the best? Yes. But at that expense, would you want that? I don’t know. That’s the thing. I think what happens when you compete a lot you rest so much of your worth on a W or an L, because that becomes such a frequent part of your day.
Bradley: Yeah.
Angelo: For me I like to do it because I love to be physical. I like to play a sport where there is some sort of contact. Like when I play basketball, I’ll elbow check; I just do, like I want to play it hard. I like it for that reason.
Bradley: I like full-arming somebody into a wall in indoor soccer.
Angelo: It’s just part of the game. I think if you could play it with people like that that just understand it we could all laugh it off it and be friends. It’s a really great thing. I think for a lot of men this desire doesn’t go away, it just subsides because you don’t have an outlet.
Bradley: Yeah, it’s true.
Angelo: I think that we like to do that, especially some of the men that are maybe a little bit more alpha, so you make it that way. I think things like martial arts especially, like Jujitsu is the most humbling, most unbelievable thing I’ve ever really done physically, because it doesn’t matter how big you are, how bad you are—my teacher is 165 pound guy and he chokes me 30 minutes out of the hour every single day, every time we do it. I think that just teaches you different things about leverage and understanding, aggression, and things like that. That’s why I love to do it too, because I think a lot of times we don’t really know—I don’t want to mute my aggression, but I just want to use it right, and I think sport helps you learn how to use it better than other things.
Bradley: Right. I understand that myself.
Angelo: That’s why I do this. Bradley, this was an absolute pleasure.
Bradley: I had a good time man. We should do it again.
Angelo: I hope everyone listening to this show had a good time, because I had a really good time.
Bradley: You need to come down to New Orleans, we’ll do it live.
Angelo: I would really love to. I got three canned questions that I ask every guest.
Bradley: Let’s hear it.
Angelo: Alright. Every guest gets to define what alpha hippie means. First question is: what’s an alpha hippie?
Bradley: To me, that would be someone who wants to live at the pinnacle of what it means to be a man, while at the same time recognizing that we are all men, and not trying to degrade or down someone else in order to reach that pinnacle. It’s like being the self-essence of what being a top male is to be while not throwing your neighbor under the bus.
Angelo: I like it, that’s a great answer. Okay, beautiful, next question.
Bradley: That’s off the cuff bro.
Angelo: I give it to everybody off the cuff. I don’t prepare anybody. Where could people find you, Roux Fitness, anything about you?
Bradley: @bradleyschneller on Instagram. I’m not going to accept your Facebook request, so don’t ask me. You could follow me on Twitter if you want @BradSchneller, but it’s mostly me just trolling people about sports and talking shit to other sports fans. Like if you are a Los Angeles Lakers fan, you don’t want to talk and follow me on Twitter.
Angelo: Man, let me ask you a question, why wouldn’t you accept the friend request?
Bradley: Fuck LeBron James.
Angelo: That’s what I’m laughing at.
Bradley: I don’t know yet. On Facebook I’m only friends with people that I know- like I have to physically know you.
You could follow me on Instagram.
Angelo: That’s great. Alright, last question: if you had one word to be remembered by, what would it be?
Bradley: Fun.
Angelo: I agree. I mean, there is not a dull moment with you buddy. That is for sure. Bradley, this was an absolute pleasure. You want to know something funny? You are the comedic relief guest like Joe Rogan has, and you don’t like listening to those ones.
Bradley: Well, maybe I’ll have to change.
Angelo: Seriously. Like, I would have you on again just to shoot the shit and laugh because we are just laughing and having fun, which is so incredible to think about. You are that guest that has funny stories and winds up saying stories about getting punched out at New Orleans Saints game, he buys the fucking underwear with no crotch.
Bradley: Crotch-less underwear.
Angelo: Crotch-less fucking 35, 20/18 dollar underwear. But seriously though, thank you for making time my man. I really appreciate you and I love you very much.
Bradley: Alright brother, love you man. Going to work out. Peace.
You’ve been listening to the Alpha Hippie Podcast.
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