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On today’s show, I have my friend Ian Berger the host of the Endure Podcast.
We talk about:

  • His childhood playing soccer all over the world.
  • His journey into discovering functional fitness and then eventually opening up his own box.
  • Being the General Manager of the New York Rhinos.
  • Hosting Endure Podcast and being the head coach of CrossFit ICE Ice in the very competitive functional fitness scene of Manhattan.

Enjoy the show,


About Ian

As a division 1 collegiate soccer player, fitness has always been part of his life. Ian realized that his passion for fitness outweighed soccer and found functional fitness in 2009 when he proceeded to open O-side Crossfit with his family. The community, competitiveness, and results of functional fitness all drew him to want to share this passion. Ian has competed at regionals from 2011-2018 in 2016 he went to the Games with Team Dynamix winning the east regionals and placing 4th worldwide.
Ian serves as general manager of the NPGL team the New York Rhinos and is the Host of the Endure Podcast. Functional Fitness is his lifestyle and sharing and educating fuels him.

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