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Elite Team Monterey Jiujitsu.
I met Mark a few years ago through some business coaching that I did and was able to help him transition with his newer academy that he’s in right now. We developed a good friendship. As I have been jumping into Jiujitsu, I’ve been calling him and talking with him more about it. This is what he loves to do and I thought that it would be really fun to just jam with him about Jiujitsu.
It’s been something that has been great for me to do. It gives me a place to be really present – it’s a meditative kind of thing. It’s also fun to be a beginner at something. If you are looking to grow in that capacity maybe looking into Jiujitsu is for you. I hope this show will give you some clarity from both Mark and me.
I love you all, enjoy the show.

About Mark

31-year-old businessman living in Monterey ca. He is using Jiujitsu to help pave the way for his family to life a great life and also provide a place for people to grow and deal with the stresses of daily life. College drop out that is now self-educated with the help of mentors, books, and online courses.

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