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On today’s show, I interview my dear friend Markus Gerzi, co-owner of Gymwright. We talk about:

  • His beginnings, growing up in an entrepreneurial family
  • His crazy stories traveling abroad
  • We dabble in his love for functional fitness and his passion for marketing
  • How he’s committed to improving the functional fitness industry as a whole

Enjoy the show,

About Markus

“I believe that the independent gym owner is one of the most important players in improving a community’s relationship with health and fitness, yet they are most often completely broke and on the verge of going out of business. My mission is to change that. My mission is to empower the independent gym owner with the knowledge and tools they need in order to not only make a huge impact in their local communities but to show them how to also make a great living doing it.”

Markus is an entrepreneur and educator to the motivated fitness professionals of the world. Having directly worked with thousands of boutique gym owners and numerous iconic brands in the fitness landscape, he now specializes in helping gym owners identify and achieve their unique vision of success with their businesses. Today, he works primarily with Gymwright, an organization committed to saving the individually owned functional fitness gym industry.

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