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On today’s show, I interview Mat Walrath – the founder of Beyond Macros. We talk about:

  • His journey into creating a healthy relationship with food
  • His holistic lifestyle approach which was the inspiration of his company
  • How to help clients break their patterns and really discover how they can make breakthroughs in their nutrition

Enjoy the show,

About Mat

Mat blazed the long and difficult trail from a short and skinny kid who rode the bench in every sport to an All-American Lacrosse player with opportunities to play professionally. He earned the opportunity to compete at the California Regionals twice with team Paradiso CrossFit.
His pain became his passion, and his struggle to improve his own body composition and performance is why he started Beyond Macros.
“I realized I could relate from experience to the challenges and body image issues my clients were dealing with.When I was younger, I was caught up looking for shortcuts. As my education progressed and I got older, I realized that those shortcuts aren’t sustainable.”
“That is why I set up Beyond Macros to educate clients and focus on creating sustainable transformations- I care more about setting up a client to maintain their changes after the initial transformation than I do the transformation itself.”

Visit his website at: 
Follow him on IG at:
And check out his new Youtube channel which is just getting started but will have some great stuff!

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