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Hello everyone, and thank you for listening to The Alpha Hippie Podcast.
On today’s show, I have my dear friend, host and, inventor of The Movement Fix, Ryan Debell.
Over the last two years, Ryan has been on a very interesting journey, traveling all over the world, rediscovering and really reinventing himself.
I was really excited to sit down and talk with him about all of this evolution that he’s been going through. What it was like for him as a man? What was it like for him as a business owner? What is he hoping for in the future?
I really hope that you enjoy the show, Ryan is an incredibly intelligent man that I look for advice so I’m sure that there is a lot of nuggets that you will take away from this episode.
I love you all, enjoy the show.

About Ryan

Ryan DeBell, MS, DC is a movement, fitness, and health educator and entrepreneur.
From a young age, he’s loved computer technology, health, and fitness. He combined these passions into several businesses: Movement Fix, which is a health and fitness education company and T Tool, a professional soft tissue treatment product company. Ryan doesn’t identify with a particular profession, but rather identifies himself as a human who has studied several disciplines and is putting them into action the most effective way he can to help others.

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