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On today’s show, I have Steve Pinkerton.
Steve is the owner of Crossfit Vitality. Steve is one of the manliest men I have ever met, he is also open to new things and experiences.
We talked about his journey through life, being a husband, father, entrepreneur. What is his life is like not after running his own business for ten years.
I love you all, enjoy the show.

About Danielle

Steve is the owner of Vitality Fitness located in Charlotte, NC. My wife and he has owned our affiliate for 10 years and in 2016, built our permanent home for Vitality. Now, in addition to running the operations of the gym, Steve also manages 11 Tenants and the real estate that we occupy. He truly love what I do and am excited to come to work. He has come to realize how fortunate I am to enjoy what I do and work hard to keep things in perspective. Obviously, not everything goes the way it’s planned but as he matures…slowly…Steve realizes that he does not have to be in control of everything. He has two daughters, Reagan (11) and Charlee (6) and between the two of them and his wife….he is  pretty far down on the pecking order once he leaves Vitality and get back to the house.

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