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I just got done recording an amazing podcast with DR. Vic Manzo.
I grew up and went to high school with him. It is pretty interesting to have someone who is from a similar culture and neighborhood as me. He also went down the path of transformation and trying to make people better.
Vic has also just finished writing his second book called A Walk In The Dark. I really wanted to have him back, a year later to re-connect and see where he is at mentally.
We were saying offline a little bit that the person he was when he wrote his first book is not the person he was when he wrote this one. I just love to see people evolve and grow and I hope that you do too.
I love you all, enjoy the show.

About Vic

Dr. Vic is a Mindset Catalyst, Pediatric/Family Wellness Chiropractor, Inspirational Speaker and Influential Author. He is the creator and host of The Mindful Experiment podcast to where it has been ranked in the top 5 podcasts in Canada, UK and Australia for Self-Help/Spirituality and Top 20 in the US market.
He is the author of “Rediscover Your Greatness: A Guide to an Inspired and Fulfilled Life,” and “A Walk in the Dark: A Guide to Finding Your TRUE Light” (release date Oct. 2019)
He is also the founder of Empower Your Reality, a conscious business that is strictly focused on helping an individual realize their true power to lead a more inspired and fulfilled life through his online classes, group coaching sessions, public speaking and one-on-one coaching.

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